Bibliotek 8/4

Ulf Nilsson: Sluten anstalt PDF SV

Roland Huntford: The New Totalitarians, A terrifying portrait of an "ideal" society that has destroyed democracy PDF ENG      

Roland Huntford: Det blinda Sverige, ljudbok AUDIO SV   

Carroll Quigley: Tragedy and Hope PDF ENG

Eustace Mullins: Curse of Canaan PDF ENG

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn: 200 Years Together (not complete) PDF ENG

Deanna Spingola: The Ruling Elite, The Zionist Seizure of World Power PDF ENG

Douglas Reed: The Controversy of Zion PDF ENG    animated gif

Jüri Lina: Under the Sign of the Scorpion: the Rise and Fall of the Soviet Empire PDF ENG    animated gif

How Jews divide and conquer - Sweden:

Källa: YouTube

Sions Vises Protokoll på svenska PDF

The Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion Internet Archive ENG

The Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion
Audio book, English:

Källa: YouTube

David Duke: The Secret Behind Communism Scribd ENG

David Duke talar om boken The Secret Behind Communism:

Källa: YouTube

David Duke: The Israeli Media reveals The secret Behind Communism:

Källa: YouTube

The Black Book About Communism. Crimes. Terror. Repression. PDF ENG

John Sack: An Eye for an Eye - The Untold Story About Jewish Revenge Against Germans in 1945.  PDF ENG

Amazon: An Eye for an Eye

John Sack, utdrag från David Irvings Real History Conference, Cincinnati USA 1999:

Källa: YouTube

John Taylor Gatto: Weapons of Mass Instruction PDF ENG

UN: Institutional Aspects of Sustainable Development in Sweden  PDF ENG       
UN: AGENDA 21, The United Nations Programme of Action from Rio PDF ENG      
UN: Global Biodiversity Assessment, "Unsustainables" PDF
UN: The earth Charter PDF
UN: Milenniedeklarationen PDF
UN: Our Common Future PDF
UN: World Report on The Urban Future PDF
Regeringens skrivelse 1992/93:13: Agenda 21 i Sverige SV

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